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Stakeholders, business models, governance


  • Stakeholders potentially affected by and affecting VG operations in the private, public and industrial sectors for individual cities are identified,
  • Current perceptions and reservations towards existing green infrastructure vs. VG are analysed, goal definition and assessment and prioritisation of requirements and demands for a new stakeholder oriented generation of vertical green (VG 2.0) concerning governance and business models, management and commercialisation,
  • Market niches and supply chains are identified; profit and non-profit oriented business-models are developed.

Examples of the work in the WP:

For a short overview on stakeholder involvement please see Stakeholder involvement !

For the cities of Berlin, Ljubljana and Vienna, stakeholders relevant for VG implementation were identified and contacted. For this purpose, a separate database of stakeholders was created for each of the three cities.

These are divided into the areas:

• Customers / Buyers / Owners

• Supply / Planner / Maintenance

• Influencers and Initiators

• Other stakeholders

For the city of Ljubljana, UIRS has performed the stakeholder analysis of all groups (public, decision makers, designers). The stakeholder analysis involving Ljubljana municipality departments is finished. Personal interviews were performed and analysed and an interactive workshop with stakeholders involving managers of relevant departments of Ljubljana municipality was carried out. Results are analyzed and were put as a basis for a further development. For general surveys work is still in progress and online surveys are still active. Additionally, the comparative perception analysis of VG in urban space has been prepared and performed  (in Netherlands and Slovenia). From the results a presentation for a conference in Florida was prepared and presented.

Based on the results of the stakeholder workshop, literature research and experience as well as knowledge from other projects, four types of online surveys were created for the different stakeholder groups citizens, namely municipalities, property developers and experts. To get a wider range of answers, the questioners were translated to English, German and Slovenian. They were made available for stakeholders online. In particular, multiple choice and single choice questions were used, as well as occasional questions in the form of the Likert scale, in order to create a good basis for subsequent statistical analyses. In order that the qualitative statements of the interviews are not lost, the respondents also have the opportunity to express their opinion in open questions. Since the response rate in individual groups is still low, the poll is currently still ongoing. The conclusion and the analyses are planned for this autumn.

Personal interviews with individual stakeholders took place in Berlin, Austria and Ljubljana.

Further, individual interviews with selected stakeholders as well as exchanges and smaller workshops are planned in all three cities until the completion of the task.

In addition, a general SWOT analysis of existing VG systems was created. This is based on literature analysis, stakeholder interviews and personal expertise.

In the consortium meetings, internal work package meetings and exchanges as well as in meetings with stakeholders’ preliminary goals for design and management requirements for VG were discussed and defined based on the intermediate results. This was done in close coordination with WP 3. Following the evaluation of the surveys and interviews, these will be finalized in autumn.

UIRS has prepared a proposal for the approach for the VG business and exploitation plan developments and presented it to partners at Ljubljana meeting in October 2019. As part of this work progress also a workshop was organized to define different project opportunities for business plans, using a business and value proposition models.



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