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Design and adaptation at the building scale



  • Analysis of building stocks, architectural types, ages and functions of private, public and commercial buildings in the three partner inner cities entailing different urban settings across a gradient in the EU as a base for transferable, applicable VG designs and ecosystem service quantifications,
  • Development of new construction styles for facade greening and living walls for different building types, surfaces, purposes and stakeholder needs based on requirement specifications (WP2, WP 4),
  • Survey and analysis on interrelation between construction (e.g. noise barrier, underpass) or building function/type and green space/function/type for defining possible vertical green space types, research frame and VG types,
  • A new set of integrated management and maintenance solutions for VGs is developed and discussed with stakeholders.

Examples of the work in the WP:

As the basis for the design process, building stock catalogues have been produced for Berlin, Ljubljana and Vienna. There has been stakeholder discussions on design solutions. They were visualised and are ready for further discussion.

A living wall system without drippers was developed and installed as a pilot system and further demonstrator at BOKU. The water is distributed in the system via pipes and runs through the trays of the living wall by gravity. Various sources of water (tab water, rainwater, greywater) can be used as irrigation source for the plants, without the risk of clogged drippers (point of intersection to WP4). A substrate designed for the living wall system, was used after a phase of pre-testing.

Different goals for greening were identified and a choice of plants for those different purposes is chosen (a: set of resilient, dry resistant plants with low water demand, b: set of ornamental plants with medium water demand, c: set of plants with high water demand for grey water cleaning, d: set of crop plants. The different plantings are monitored in vegetation period 2020 to give recommendations of adaptable plants for the different intentions of VG.


One district of Vienna was analysed based on stakeholder requirements for various designs for the different façade and building types (old building without insulation, old building retrofitted with insulation, new building, parking garage...). The existing building types have been discussed and greening strategies visualized. The same analysis and design approach took place for Berlin (see above and below) .







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