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Young scientists promotion


The project has been selected as one of 15 out of approx. 75 proposals in the SUGI food water energy program. As we focus on a very concrete philosophy, concept and technology that is very complex. The project management created plenty of opportunities for young scientists to enter research and development.

In the project there are 5 PhD students working on their dissertations, Karin Hoffmann, Irene Zluwa, Jana Kozamernik, Bernhard Pucher and Sebastian Schröder. Karin Hoffmann entered the project as Master Student is is now a PhD student. Together with the senior scientists and PIs the PhD students supervise and cooperate with students for their M.Sc. and B.Sc. theses, such as:

Balazs Dienes, Marco Rubino, Lukas Kühle, Marian Korb, Rabea Saad, Paula von Malotky, Lukas Steber, Elisabeth Wolf, Flora Prenner, ...

PhD students are encouraged to use mobility and exchange opportunities. So Karin Hoffman did an reserach stay in Ljubljana, where she worked together with Dr. Tomaz Šuklje to assess the thermal impacts of vertical greening on several house construction types.

Vertical Green 2.0 also plays an important role in the teaching activities of the involved universities. So at the TU Berlin in the summer 2020 a study project with the title "Vertical Green in urban cycles of Energy, water and nutrients" is held. The results will be presented at the Closed Cycles 2020 conference.

Inspired by the cooperation in Vertical Green 2.0 we also initiated a ERASMUS + study exchange program between BOKU and TU Berlin.

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